Amazon App Store Apk Full For Android

Amazon App Store Apk for Android IOS. The largest online shopping mall in the world Amazon has introduced an amazing Android application that allows shoppers from around the world to search, browse, view product details and reviews and finally purchase the items they want from the comfort of your home, school or work place.  You can use your voice, scan an image or a barcode to check on a product’s price and its availability.

Amazon App Store Apk Full For Android

There is always a Deal of the Day where you can purchase a product at discounted rate. Once you have bought a product you can know when your order will be shipped at when you will get it by signing up for shipment notifications. Android users in the U.S, who have an Android Watch, can use it to search for products buy them and also use their wish list to save shopping ideas, and this can be done by just using your voice.

Just like at the Amazon store, you are granted access to 1-Click settings, Payment and shipping options, shopping cart and your subscription and save history. All your personal information is encrypted therefore it cannot be stolen and used against you. This is having a shopping mall in your hands and having the freedom to choose from a million different products without tiring.

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Amazon App Store Apk Full For Android

Key Features Of Amazon App Store For Android

  • Search for products gets their details and reviews from Amazon and other merchants
  • Shop for millions of products on any Amazon sites just from this application
  • You can compare product availability and prices by scanning their barcodes and images
  • You can send gifts or product links to your friends and family via social media
  • Know the exact day your shipment arrives by the automatic shipment notification
  • You can track or search for your orders by using your voice
  • Your private information is encrypted and secures from hackers
  • Get notified automatically about Gold Box Deals and Deal of the Day
  • Customers having the Android smart watch can search and buy products by using their voice
  • All transactions are processed securely

Main Pros and Cons

Its advantages include

  • You can shop from anywhere and buy anything you need without the fear of being scammed
  • All your orders are guaranteed to arrive at the exact shipping arrival time that you were told during your transaction
  • You can share links to products with and even send gifts to your family and friends

Its disadvantages include;

  • Items are now viewed as lists instead of the grid; this takes a lot of time going through many items
  • The option to swipe left so that you can go back to the main menu does not function at times.

Most Common Users

This application can be used by buyers who are looking for items from all over the world and also merchants who want to sell their items to people from around the globe. Its features make selling and buying less tiresome and time-consuming since you can only search for an article and get it.

Authors’ Note: I highly recommend this application to anyone who wants to shop from the comfort of wherever they are, time and distance do not limit your purchases, and you are guaranteed to get them on time.

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